Monday, July 4, 2011

Holiday Reflections: Atheism, Reality TV and Sweet Hypocrisy

Today is the Fourth of July.  After sleeping in on my day off I grabbed a bad Mexican beer after the obligatory "it is after noon so I'm not a drunk" time and climbed into my hammock with a computer and a book.  It is beautiful outside.  There is a slight wind, the weather is perfect and I'm doing absolutely nothing.  I am at peace with that.

Though I have been writing more I still feel as if I really haven't been doing anything.  It is really a venting mechanism and nothing more.  Because really, what will my lazy ass accomplish sitting in the comfort of my porch drinking a beer?  Absolutely nothing. But because I don't claim to be changing the world I can be o.k with that.  But I am not hypocrisy free.

I have been following this Facebook thread with the same tenacity as I would watch the Jersey Shore.  It is akin to The Situation and whoever the other guy is competing on who as the bigger muscles (I assume that is what they do.  I really am more of a Jerseylicious kind of gal).  It really isn't going anywhere, has no purpose and is really just irritating.  But I keep reading and growing more and more frustrated.  Don't these people see that their energy can be going to accomplishing something great?  I mean actually accomplishing something and not purporting to.  But here is where I'm a hypocrite.  It turns out I'm just as lazy as they are.

The latest debate has been on this AA banner flying business.  I've already said what I "think" should be done. But I haven't actually done anything about it.  Just as these people aren't really doing anything to support their cause.  This should be a wake up call for us all to grow up.  I mean look at me. I embody the vision of laziness and the sometimes self imposed lack of knowledge.  Because it really takes too much time to think of original arguments. I'd rather take a nap.  And I can because if I want to wake up and argue some more I don't really need to do any real research.  I just need to look at some treads and pick out the same tired talking points all the riled up atheists use when debating.  And really it doesn't matter what is being debated.  Right now the debate is the July 4th celebrations.  But it could just as easily be teaching creationism in the schools or fighting for gay rights. All you need to remember are these points.

1.  Atheists are the victims.  Each and every one of the Christians are against us.
2.  All the Christians indoctrinate their children.  We really need to stop this.
3. We need to make our presence known.
4. Christians lie.
5.  Don't forget about the fucking Crusades.

If you are feeling really gregarious you can improvise on some of these topics, but the same ones keep coming up.  There is really no need to be unique.  So why do we keep reading?  For the same reason people enjoy reality shows. These blogs make us feel superior to people that don't think as we do.  And there is always the troll.  Whether it is that Snookie character or someone like me or that unfortunate "Your Not Helping" fellow we all need someone to focus our anger on.  And I am no different.  Every troll has their troll.  Mine is PZ, Dawkins and the like.

Authors Note:  I realize I open myself open to the stone throwing by seeming to dismiss the above talking points.  I'm sorry to take the pleasure away from you, but I do agree that the above can often (though certainly not always) be a problem.  But they have their times and places.

So yeah we all sit around pissing in a circle trying to have the superior pedantry, but I've come to realize  we are really all the same.  We should embrace each other, but really what is the fun in that?

All these reflections have made me tired.  It is time to retire and  look up at the sky to see if I can see one of those damn banners, and maybe pat myself on the back for writing something world changing that probably only other atheists will read.  That is, if I have the energy.

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