Monday, July 29, 2013

My Bucket List

I just got back from a two week stay at Camp Quest of Minnesota.  During that time, I wrote a bucket list of personal growth and development.  What I came up with was this:

1) Be more trusting
2) Make a positive impact in some one's life
3) Write more
4) Be happy

All of these are going to be difficult, but if I can follow through with all of them, it will result in #4 of my list.  I've grown painfully aware that life is short and I'm not going to be around forever.  By making a positive impact in some one's life, and by writing more, I'm hopeful that that part of me will stick around, long after I have died, an atheist's version of the after life.  I started my bucket list that night by writing of the simplicity of before my life as it is now.

Sometimes it is hard to remember
The times I felt a prayer
The nights I spoke with god
Just to have someone to talk to
When the sky was more than the sky
When hope came in the form
Of simple coincidences
When the stars couldn't be beautiful
For the sake of being beautiful
And happiness
Was the product of
Beautiful naivety. 

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